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We have been fortunate enough to work very closely with Amore + Sorvete on the Summer 2016/2017 campaign. This amazing company was created by Bridgette Gale from Western Australia. Bridgette launched the company in 2009 with their vivid colour palettes, unique prints and their beautiful embellishments. Travel has been Bridgette’s inspiration behind her swimwear design, bold colours from the streets of Buenos Aires and cheeky cuts from the Bahamas.

We sat down with Amore + Sorvete and asked them a few questions about their 2016/2017 campaign – 

We are honoured you have asked us to be a part of your Summer 2016/2017 Campaign, why us?
 After coming across your Instagram page a while ago we immediately fell in love with all of your organic skincare products.  We are firm believers that the key to radiating beauty is confidence and it is so important to feel comfortable in your own skin, particularly during bikini season!  It is so important look after your skin and we absolutely love all the natural ingredients that the Divine Company  products are made up of.

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We are so excited about your new collection, what was your inspiration?
This season I wanted to create a swimsuit line that was versatile to wear not only at the beach or by the pool but also under your summer dress whilst out for lunch. I wanted something that women could wear whilst active at the beach either going for a walk or running after their kids. SS2016/17 collection has support elastic, with adjustable straps, bold jewel colours that make your summer tan pop. I’ve designed the range to make women feel confident and comfortable whilst in their bikinis.

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There is a huge movement changing the face of beauty, what does beauty mean to you?
Beauty to me doesn’t necessary mean on the outside, it’s something about the way a person holds themselves and feels great from the inside. It’s looking at a healthy person that can be happy and confident within their own skin no matter what size or shape they are.

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It is so awesome Emily Ratajkowski is the face of Amore + Sorvete for the new collection, how did it all come about?
Emily was first introduced to A+S back in 2015 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, after seeing Emily in our swimwear we knew she was the perfect fit for the brand. Since then we have worked closely with Emily and it was very refreshing to see that she was also very beautiful in the inside.

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We are so excited about this opportunity with Amore + Sorvete!
If you’re looking to find out more, check out their website and instagram

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