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Become a Divine Clinic

Are you thinking about becoming a Divine stockist? If you would like to receive some samples & more information, please contact us below. There are many benefits to our becoming a Divine Stockist.

All of our Divine products are on trend Certified Organic. The Organic market is a billion dollar industry. Transparency Market research Report has seen an expected growth of 9.9% in revenue for the Organic Skincare marketing from 2012-2018.

We will support you in taking your product sales online. We want you to use our products to tap into the fastest growing channel in the Beauty Industry. Millennials (born between 1980-2000) is a huge demographic with lots of purchasing power, they choose to shop via their mobile and shop 24/7.

We don’t have ongoing minimum order requirements. We work with you to build your Divine income through eventing, GWP promotions and samples. We don’t demand volume, we support quality.

Let us reward you and your staff with our generous staff incentive program! Sell 10 products, receive a free product of your choice.

We provide Business and sales support materials, anything you need we can create. We also have a variety of ready to go point of sale materials which saves time and your money because they print them for you!

We are a brand that doesn’t sacrifice quality for price, our products are affordable and high quality.

Our products obtain Government approved Certification – Australia Certified Organic.
Women’s Weekly article by Sheree Mutton 31/5/16 said that Australian Organic Cosmetics & toiletries Industry grew almost 18% annually between 2009 & 2014, with revenue now at $236 million, according to IBIS World.

If you would like samples please contact us below.

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