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Naturopath Partnership


We at The Divine Company are offering Naturopaths the opportunity to partner in wellness.

We at The Divine Company observe today’s woman as different – her daily ritual, the ways in which she cares for herself, the products she uses and her reasons for using them are changing. Curious, conscious and keenly aware, today’s woman stands in her own authentic power.

Our customers educated and empowered and certified organic is now the benchmark of today’s health conscious and aware consumer.

Our Partnership offers:


Become a traditional retail partner.

Where you get to purchase the Divine Company products that you choose and receive a 37% GPM (75% markup). By choosing this option, you will be able to stock the products in your clinic and when you purchase 6 of a particular product you receive 1 x tester free.

If you elect Option 1 please refer to the attached Opening Order form for both Divine Company and Divine Man to become a stockiest of our range. See * below in relation to The Divine Woman range of age-defying skincare.


Become an affiliate partner to support your patients.

You will be given a special code where you can order any of The Divine Company, Divine Man, Divine Woman and Divine Baby products at a 20% discount. How you use this discount is entirely up to you.

This code is specific to your business only. You can either use this opportunity on an ongoing basis as a way to say thank you to your clients (while ensuring you are helping them to choose a product that will minimise environmental factors on their body) or you can use this to purchase the products on your clients behalf, charging them full retail and earning the 20% difference as income for your own business.

* If you elect Option 2, you have the opportunity to also purchase The Divine Woman products at the 20% discounted rate.

Skin care products are some of the most commonly and widely used products by women of today, including young women. We understand you would be fully aware of the environmental factors most are exposed to on an every day basis.

Although our age-defying skincare products are usually only ever available through the Spa and Beauty retail channels, under Option 2 we are giving you the opportunity to also share our skincare products with your patients.

If you would like more information please call our office on 1300 416 100 or complete the below form.

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